Gastronomy and Tourism

June 18-21, 2024


June, 19th

Working session with two different parts:

  1. Presentation of participants. Real Academia de Gastronomía, Turespaña and guests.
  2. Offer of traditional Spanish cuisine and complementary actions.

Spain has great wealth in terms of traditional cuisine and, above all, a variety that means that, whatever the destination, you can always find high-quality cuisine (we have 17 communities with Michelin-starred restaurants) that in many cases unite traditional cuisine with haute cuisine. Furthermore, almost all traditional cuisine is based on local products.

The central objective is to know the degree of knowledge that there is in the different countries about traditional Spanish cuisine and to what extent (and with what tools) this offer can be used as a driver to complete travel programs.

This part is complemented by the possibility of offering traditional cooking courses in their haute cuisine version.

  • Brief presentation by RAG of the situation of Gastronomy in Spain.
  • Presentation of the invited incoming agencies and general analysis of the tourism expectations of different host countries.
  • Understanding the perception of luxury tourism in the host countries.
  • Comparison of our country with our main competitors.
  • Communication tools to promote our luxury tourism offer.
  • Lunch at the historical restaurant La Posada de la Villa (Calle de la Cava Baja, 9)
    Short explanation of the history of the venue and guided tasting.
  • Presentation of the traditional cuisine offer in different areas of Spain.
  • Joint analysis of the traditional Spanish cuisine and its inclusión in tourism programmes according to the different markets and types of travellers.
    – What degree of attraction can it represent for travelers?
    – What is the degree of knowledge about tradicional cuisine?
    – How can it be sold in the different sending countries?
    – Can value-added actions such as Spanish haute cuisine courses be incorporated into the offer?
    – Is there a profile of travelers especially attracted to traditional cuisine or can it be considered a transversal attraction?
  • Departure from the hotel to the Roberto Verino flagship store.
  • Personal shopper experience and tasting of Galician products at the flagship store of Spanish designer Roberto Verino (Calle de Serrano, 33).
  • Dinner at the private area of the restaurant where Oscar Velasco will prepare live, a menu of high cuisine tapas. The possibility of offering this type of service as a product for clients interested in cooking courses will be explained.